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Zen Garland
Bernie Glassman Bereavement 
Center for Child Death 

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Zen Garland's
Bereavement Center for Child Death 

Our commitment to you:

The death of a child is a shattering experience, often evoking feelings of despair, longing, anger, confusion, shame, numbness, guilt, loss of identity and meaning, helplessness and hopelessness.

Our mission is to provide personal, compassionate guidance and support through the death of your child. We offer a safe space so you can turn toward your grief and heal while honoring your child with both love and sorrow. Each person's journey is different as she or he goes through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual work of grieving.

Zen Garland's Bereavement Center is named for Zen Master Bernie Gassman, who has devoted his life to developing a socially engaged spirituality for all people of all faiths and especially for those marginalized and in need.

Bereavement Care Team and Services:

We are a certified Compassionate Bereavement Care Team specializing in residential and non-residential traumatic grief counseling and support for child death. Our team of licensed psychotherapists, a nurse, a bereaved parent-mentor, and experienced bereavement counselors has been trained by the MISS Foundation in Compassionate Bereavement Counseling for Traumatic Loss (CBC).

Our services include individual counseling, support groups, mentoring and short term crisis residency. In emergencies we can provide these services rapidly.

The Zen Garland Bereavement Center for Child Death is located at 83 Campbell Ave, Airmont, NY 10901; Office Phone: 845-918-1071; Emergency Phone: 201-616-9263.


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